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CAE Services

Structural Strength & Durability

The strength and durability of a structure under operational and physical load is a challenging task for automotive body developers. The structure strength analysis requires a sound understanding of physical relationships among the complex structures. There are different aspects involved for the functionality of an automotive, which include NVH, BIW functions, seats and belts features, doors, interior and exterior functions and most importantly manufacturing and assembly aspects.

NVH –(Noise, Vibration, Harshness)

In order to judge NVH- characteristics of a complex structure, a representative prototype of the product is required. 

As these prototypes are very expensive, interest in computer aided solutions is high. function forges is able to provide NVH analysis for any given structure. A linear analysis is a measurement of stiffness, both static and dynamic, of the structure. We obtain competent and reliable static and dynamic simulation test results for complex structures with the help of powerful and state of the art tools, using our experience and expertise. We analyze the results through 3D visualization and propose the corresponding measurement to meet the desired goals.

Body-In-White Strength / Durability

The strength and durability of BIW under operational and abuse loading is of critical importance. Non-linear behaviour is caused by geometric nonlinearities such as contact, beads, etc. and complex material behaviour. We offer strength test simulations for roof and body-in-white structures as a whole, for scenarios such as towing or jacking in the complex road and accidental conditions and situations.

Doors and Bonnets

We offer explicit services for doors and bonnets of any automotive structure. We have many years of experience in functional, strength, stiffness and crash analyses for exterior and aesthetical components according to OEMs standards and local regulations.

Structure Crash

The crash test of the vehicle structure and occupants or pedestrians safety, according to the local laws and requirements of the customers, are the key issues in the design and development of any automobile. We provide trustworthy full crash and car-pedestrians-crash analyses for Euro NCAP, U.S. NCAP, JNCAP, KNCAP, ANCAP, China NCAP, Latin NCAP and ASEAN NCAP. Our crash analysis experts pinpoint the problems in the design or structure if any, and suggest appropriate modification due to their extensive and dedicated project experience.

Occupant Safety

Passenger safety and protection have primary importance in the design and development of any vehicle. Different standards are being used world wide for the passengers protection during the structure crash tests. Our crash engineers perform occupant safety tests according to the needs of our customers.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety must be tested according to local new car assessment programmes. It is necessary to exploit all potentials to reduce cost and accidental hazards while improving the functional and technical characteristics. Our many years of experience in pedestrian safety and the development of vehicles ensures that not only are we familiar with the requirements of our customers but we can also specifically meet them.


We offer the topology, sheet metal thickness and shape optimisation. function Forges uses topology optimisation tools, in order to make structures lighter and more cost effective under different simulation scenarios. A new design is suggested while taking manufacturing constraints into account and without compromising on any functional goals given by our customers.

Material Modelling

An important component for a trustworthy simulation is an adequate numerical material description. As the development circle of engineering projects is consistently shortened and the targets concerning costs, weight and performance are increased, our development teams are constantly searching for new materials to convert a simulation into a reality. With the collaboration of material testing companies, we enhance our simulations by using highly accurate qualitative material models. We offer simulation in a wide range of material models from elastic to hyper-plastic and from metal to fibre composites.

IT Services

Scripting & Programming

Scripts and tools play an important role in meeting the challenges and needs of todays growing industries. They provide professionalism, process quality and team productivity. 

We have an IT Department, which supports the CAE and management department with individual applications in order to support the productivity of our departments. We also offer these services to our valuable customers and have proven our competence in several successful projects. Our team is familiar with a variety of languages: C++, FORTRAN, Java, Python, HTML, .net , Shell Script, Perl

Mobile Applications

function forges is one of the leading service providers in mobile applications and application development. We offer our expertise for IOS and Android based platforms from upgrading existing applications to creating new applications. We understand our customers individual needs and fulfil them.

Web Design & Development

Our team of experts develop custom-designed  websites with state-of-the-art CMS and eCommerce tools such as Magento, Wordpress, TYPO3, etc., with integrated responsive social media components.

Management Solutions

Engineering services are no longer exclusively considered an extended workbench. In contrast, providers of these services have become strategic development partners that are required to independently plan and solve the tasks assigned.

function forges supports it’s customers in dealing with these challenges in order to meet the given cost and time goals.

We are experienced in international project coordination and provide cost efficient services by decreasing technical as well as cultural and linguistic barriers. Our mission: Driving your projects to efficiency and high performance! Our Services Include: cost and deadline controlling, planning and organising engineering projects, budgeting and completion, communication and reporting design, time and progress scheduling 


Multifarious tasks and challenges in research and development environment require, besides the pure technical know-how, the mastery of development systems and processes at the OEM. To further improve technical issues within the development process, an SE-Teamleader is in need of operational support in all kinds of functional departments (like release management, change management, sample parts control, construction/SE-rounds and general committees) to be free of any obligations in the core requirements of vehicle industrialization. Being SE-Support means you are the right hand of your SE-TL – you know deadlines, IT systems, contact persons, appointments and other scope conditions within the car project and by that you actively support your SE-TL, especially in daily business.

SE-Team Management

The name already tells it – you manage, or to be more precise; You are the central contact person within your project. As a central interface between all departments involved in industrialization within the company, it is your responsibility to make the car in series – you lead together, you solve, you coordinate, you demand, and you report back into the project and you escalate, if necessary, if projects goals are threatened. Whether assembly, purchasing, sample/test parts, logistics, suppliers, design, safeguarding, concepts, releases, changes, quality – you know your contact persons and you are in permanent communication with them. As an interface to the division areas, you are the central contact in front of the project leadership, especially in front of the module leader and the vehicle project management. You report and ensure the plausibility check of your topics in order to make a decision in a consistent and timely manner.

Module Planning

Efficient project management requires above all one thing: a good overview of the vehicle project. As a module planner you are assigned to the project management (module leader, vehicle project leadership), not the department. You ensure that your corresponding module leader has the most important project topics on screen. To do this, you moderate module rounds, create agendas and meeting minutes, monitor the timely processing of emerging work orders and request timely and plausible feedback from the SE team leaders. You are always up to date about changes in the process and personnel landscape, report problems to the project after an appropriate review and thus make decisions that you can return to the department.

Change Management

If a current series release of a vehicle project has to be changed afterwards and this raises costs for the OEM, change requests are to be made and brought for approval in a fixed approval process by the project management. The whole process is called change management. Changes mainly concern constructive adjustments to components, f.ex. an aspired quality level is missed or specifications are generally not met. However, legal framework conditions in target countries can also change, so that components must be modified constructively. Also, more colors, upholstery and covers or other materials may be required by the project management to expand or even reduce. As part of the change management process, these adjustments are re-evaluated on the cost side with delta costs, so that after approval a new series release is valid with new absolute costs. Constructive changes take place up to the EOP of a vehicle and are a natural part of a vehicle development process. As a change manager you control these changes, make them plausible and ensure a smooth approval run. At the end there is always an optimized component that is tested and further optimized in the course of the prototype testing until a certain quality level is reached.