Welcome to function forges!

Who we are

function forges is a globally operating, discipline overlapping, engineering service provider.


We develop and implement CAE solutions, which are especially tailored for the automotive development. We understand our customer’s individual needs and help to enhance their competitive strength through our optimized and customized solutions.

What we do

The depth of our performance depends on the selection of software and tools, resulting in saving cost and time and directly benefiting our customers.


Our engineers extensive project experience ensures that our customers overcome challenges in the development process. We support our clients in all phases of the project, on time and with dedication.

Our clients

BMW Group, EDAG AG, Fehrer Automotive, Bertrandt, Magna Steyr Engineering, Jifeng Automotive, Hofer AG, Karl Hess, Inform GmbH, Serienreif GmbH, Grupo Antolin, BAXTER, EDS Automotive